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Play as Romeo, the mysterious keeper of the museum of the gods, in this casual puzzle platformer with swipe-based controls.

Not Today was developed as a student project and garnered attention via the 2013 IEEE Intercollegiate GameSIG Showcase, and was awarded “Best Game Art Winner” for its concept art.


Team: Bad Moon Industries

Platforms: PC | Android

Engine: Unity 3D

Status: Completed Demo

Team Size: 7

Project Length: 5 months

Responsibilities: concept art, game design, worldbuilding, narrative design, puzzle design

Game Tools: Unity, Adobe CS, Maya

Team Tools: Google Suite

Graphic Shapes


It may be a student project, but it’s an A+ student project.

Hey look, Mom even put it on the fridge!

In 2013, I joined a team of fellow game design students to help develop their mobile demo. As part of a highly collaborative team, we shared ownership of art, design, and story throughout development.

Ellie is an amazing artist. She handles critique really well, and responds with amazing results. Whenever we had any sort of request or idea, she was there to either take it to the next level or to begin sketching out concepts.

Tyler Kirk, Technical Lead


My background in art history helped shape the visual design and story of different game environment areas, as each new level was defined by a distinct art movement.

I also collaborated with the team’s designers to iterate on platforming mechanics and puzzle interactions, which I mapped out in storyboards and sketches.

In the final weeks of development leading up to GDC, I helped craft pitch scripts, demo videos, and slide decks for team use.

We were invited to the IEEE Intercollegiate GameSIG at the University of Irvine California to present a live mobile demo to an audience of +300 local game developers. Wacom awarded our team’s artists (myself included) with free Intuos 5 pen tablets for winning “Best Game Art” for our concept art presentation.


I had the privilege to work with some incredibly talented people on this project.

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