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I'm a narrative game designer who loves to tell stories through gameplay.

• 11 yrs of exp. in pitch development and presentation for games

• 9 yrs of exp. on game teams as a remote/WFH contributor

• 8 yrs of exp. in technical game design documentation

I've been a key developer on 3 published PC games and 4 tabletop games, and a supporting contractor on over 10 additional projects. In my free time, I love to explore new ideas and stories through game jams.

I am currently a Narrative Designer at Monolith, developing the Wonder Woman game.


"Ask and you shall receive. The insight you seek is within the GDC vault, adventurer."

Here is my curated list of recommended GDC talks and books for leads, designers, students, and teachers looking to learn and grow.


"Inspiration is an ouroboros. Feed her well, for she is a voracious creature who will not be denied."

Here is a brief overview of a few sources for inspiration that I personally recommend, namely from fantasy and science-fiction authors.



​Game Developers Conference 2022-2024

Conference Associate Program Volunteer​

International Game Developers Association 2022-present

Volunteer Mentor for the IGDA Global Mentorship Program

Global Game Jam 2022

Team Lead Jammer for "Themis Division" (by FAMJAM)

Global Game Jam 2020-2021

Principle Site Organizer for OC.IGDA Chapter (Oklahoma City)

International Game Developers Association 

Chapter Sponsor for OC.IGDA 2019-2022


ASU+GSV Summit 2022

Elite 200 Finalist for "Vidaly"

Unity EdTech Creator Challenge 2021

Top 25 Winner for "Vidaly"

Global EdTech Startup Awards 2021

Unboxing School Track Semifinalist for "Vidaly"

International Serious Play Awards 2017

Silver Winner for "Advance U: The Talent Machine"

IEEE Intercollegiate GameSIG Showcase 2013

Best Game Art for "Not Today"

Daughters of the American Revolution 2006

National Fiction Winner, 2nd Place



Geek Girl Con 2023

Panelist Speaker

"Making Games More Like Us: Diversity in the Game Industry"

​Game Developers Conference 2022

CA Microtalks Speaker

"Strangers in a Strange Land: Neurodiversity in the Workplace"

Safe At Home 2020

Community Guest Speaker

"[kin]tsugi: Healing Broken Hearts and the Power of Found Families in Queer Spaces"

Honors Symposium, Oklahoma Christian University 2019

Guest Speaker

“Achievement Unlocked: Gamifying the College Experience”

Oklahoma Arts and Education Association Conference 2019

Guest Speaker

"How Modern Game Design is Changing the World"

Southwestern Oklahoma State University 2019

Guest Speaker

"RESTART: The Game-Changing Impacts of Play"

OC University 2019-2022

Game & Animation Studies Professor

Wrote and designed courses on industry history, fundamentals, design software, and visual storytelling

She has a strong collaborative instinct and intuitively worked with programmers, instructional designers, and other artists, learning new skills, and applying them to her work along the way. She is receptive to feedback and keeps her eye and effort on the big picture.

Ellie always had a positive attitude and became a respected and appreciated member of the team during her tenure at the K20 Center.

Javier Elizondo, Production Manager at K20 Center

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