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Here are some of the experimental game projects or jams I've worked on.


Prodigal Roots is a Twine-based game simulating the war table missions that highlighted the expansive reach and growing influence of the Inquisitor’s forces.

This is a fan-created project. All rights to the world of Thedas and its inhabitants belong to Bioware.

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Created as part of a personal 24-hour game jam, Confine is a primitive, language-independent board game, inspired by Mancala.

It was designed in the spirit of RPG mini-games, which are easy to learn, hard to master, and add meaningful cultural depth to their game worlds.


Themis Division is a science-fiction Twine game written and developed for the 2022 Global Game Jam. Drawing stylistic and thematic inspiration from Black Mirror, Fahrenheit 451, and Disco Elysium, this story allows the player to explore a criminal murder trial through the eyes of a humanistic AI, Themis.

A “Director’s Cut” of Themis Division is currently in-development, with an anticipated re-release date of June 2024.


Completed as a collaborative tabletop game jam with my partner, Currents is an 18-card pathmaking microgame for two players.

What made this game unique was the requirement that every card in the game must be identical.

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